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Evil Steve



So, I tried reinstalling windows again. This time, it made my old Z drive into the C drive, and installed Windows on the F drive. Which I'm sure everyone knows, will cause no end of problems for badly written programs.

I don't understand how it decides to allocate drive letters. I mean, the partitions were set out like this in the XP installer:

Disk 0 (200GB)
Some partition

Disk 1 (250GB) (SATA)
Windows partition
Old Z drive

Disk 2 (250GB) (SATA)
Some partition
Some partition
Some partition

So, I copied everything off of my old Z drive (All 200GB of it), and wiped both partitions. Then, for good measure, I unplugged the other 2 hard drives. Booted up, and there's no drives present. Turns out that I managed to break the SATA cable to Disk 1 (The plastic stapped so the clip wouldn't stay clipped), and I've chipped the hard drive itself somehow. Don't ask how, I don't know. All I did was unplug it (Yes, I pressed the clip in before yanking it out). It still works, but the cable will come loose with a bit of shaking. I'm just hoping that it'll survive till I get a new hard drive (Which won't be the imediate future).

So, I used the cable from the other SATA drive, and just left it unplugged, and Windows installed correctly, onto the C drive. Unfortunately, the other SATA drive is the one with my "Archive" partition - the partition holding all the programs I downloaded that I have installed (CD writers, Codec packs, Drivers, Winamp, etc), and my "Development" partition - the partition containing MSVC and my My Projects folder.
So I won't be doing much with the PC till the weekend, when I need to get a SATA cable from home. I have one in the attic, in a box of PC bits, I just never thought I'd need to bring it through.


EDIT: Fixed typos. Sorry Pouya [sad]
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I had a funny installation at work before, where the boot drive and /Windows directory were on drive C, and /Program Files was on drive D. /Documents and Settings was on a shared drive Z across network.

You have no idea how much trouble that caused with all sorts of programs. And not just the "padly" (I think you meant badly, fix your typos Steve) written 3rd party programs, but even some commercial well-known server applications coughed on it too.

My conclusion: Make sure that the drive were all of these are locates is named C:

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Original post by Sonnenblume
Want me just to post you one and save you a trip through?
Nah, I've got other bits and bobs I need to get anyway, such as my Visual Studio 2005 Pro DVD.

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