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Get out the toolbox...

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So my new 580w PSU arrived yesterday - conveniently when I had to spend the day in the Solihull office. I was a little surprised when I walked all the way across town to pick up a rather large box. A box that was around 50cm cube - somewhat bigger than the power supply I knew was contained within.

Lugged it all the way back home, unpacked it and found out its a damned toolbox of a power supply. Sure, its got the bits I wanted - but I'm sure I'd of been mistaken for a builder if I were seen carrying it around the streets...
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Yeah you need a good PS to run the new hardware thats out today. I have an Antec 650watt for my system. I will not be running SLI so I have no need for a 850 watt PS. But my question is what have you done with DX10 as of yet? Do you know of any sites that have tutorials or good books coming down the road that cover DX10? BTW glad to hear you love Vista and Nvidia again! [smile]

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I'm wondering what my electricity bill is going to be like - running 580w of computer for extended periods of time aint cheap!

I've not really done anything with D3D10 yet - simply haven't had the time to have a proper play yet. Probably be next week before I get any time with my own computer [headshake]

Not sure about any websites with D3D10 content yet. Probably still early days...

There is, of course, the book that I'm helping write at the moment [grin]


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