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Speedy Build!

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Mike Bossy


Kudos and rate++ to Tallitus for his suggestion on using nmake to solve my build problems around ToLua. I got something set up last night in a few minutes and it works like a charm. What's even better is that I changed it from having one uber batch file that built all of my package files to having an entry in my makefile for each individual file. That way I only build files that have had a header file change instead of building them all. Yay!

It's funny how lazy we get thanks to new tools. I'm just so used to Visual Studio handling all the build stuff for me that I totally didn't even think about using a simple makefile. And it actually is nice to have totally control over the build again. There are so many times that VS does weird build stuff that I want to change but can't find the right checkbox in the 3000+ checkboxes I have available to me. Of course I'm not ready to go down that road just yet. Dealing with a handful of files is easy enough. Throwing together my engine library is a little more than I want to tackle right now.

So now that I have everything building and the Lua stuff fully integrated my next task is to write a small sample that uses the scripting. After that I am done adding new systems to my engine. Could that mean I can actually start on a new game?? Wouldn't that be fun! :)

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Sounds like your engine is progressing pretty nicely, hopefully you'll have something spiffy to show off this weekend (no pressure).

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