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I figure if I want people to share pictures of the snowmen they've made, I should probably make it as easy as possible for them. So I've added a 'take picture' button now. When a snowman is selected you can click it and it'll save a snapshot something like this:

The nice thing about this is it not only saves you time from having to paste into a program and save, it also crops it down to a suitable size and draws it without the menu on top so you don't have to manually position the camera to get the buttons out of the way.

I also got around to getting myself a login to the great games experiment wotsit-ma-jigg. It looks quite interesting, although the similarities to MySpace are a little worrying in places. Either way, I'll stick up a game or two on there and see what the reaction is (probably none, but it'd be nice to get some comments).
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