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More Entities, TTF, and Mobile 5.0

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Added three new entity types in Fireheart: the big shade, the vara (reptile like demon), and the girl, Trudy, who is the second PC. The gameplay will switch back and forth between the Imp and Trudy as the story progresses. With both into the game now, I can start on their individual mechanics.

Also got support for TTF in. It looks so much nicer than the old bitmap font, and was actually very easy to implement (thanks to pre-existing support in PTK).

Hopefully this weekend will see the characters both have basic mechanics (other than pushing things) in. The Imp gets 'Firebrand' and 'Firefoot' skills, while Trudy will start with a real world Taser, but eventually learn summoning skills. Should liven up the current 'pushing rocks' gameplay.

This screen shows all five of the current entities (Imp,Trudy,Big/Little Shades, and Vara). The shadows are off a bit for the new entities, and I believe I am going to have to make a shadow offset parameter to correct this.

The TTF in action as well. The multi-line part has been a pain for me, but it is almost finished. Here you can see that there are some spacing issues present.

EDIT: Couldn't get the .png to upload properly. So here is a .jpg --- noticeable difference in quality as compared to the one above, oh well.

I also decided to try and learn some mobile programming stuff. Not knowing where to start, I downloaded the Mobile 5.0 SDK and started messing around. I don't know much C# but I started there, because the graphical interface of designing forms was such a snap. The provided emulator is also pretty nifty, albeit slow. I don't have much to show yet, but I am thinking of doing a small tic-tac-toe game in C# to get into the Mobile API a little deeper.

That's that for now.

EDIT 2: The offer for the free sprites is still on the table. See last entry for more info.
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The true type font looks a lot crisper and matches the style of the rest of the game more. Props to that. Depending upon how you are approaching the game play, this may be a game I would love the play, essentially it's great to look at so far. So what are the plans? Action style play?

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