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Look up.

I got my GGE badge. Whoopee.

I can't figure out how to change my quote, so it looks as though my legacy to the world will be the wisdom - "This space intentionally left blank".

That's actually better than anything I could have come up with, and I am in consultation with my funeral directors to have that inscribed upon my headstone.

[EDIT - just changed my motto on GGE and it doesn't seem to have updated my badge. Maybe it takes a while to update].
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Sorry this is a bit late, but I tried Udo for the first time in a while last night - it's really, really, good! [smile] Keep up the excellent work!

Edit: On GGE, go into My Account, Edit My Profile, then click Edit Profile and Image on the right-hand column (under the "You are currently in edit mode." box).

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Cheers for that.

I've updated my motto ("Providing poor quality software since 1982") but it doesn't seem to have updated my badge. Perhaps it takes a while to kick in.

Glad you like the game. Seem to be getting pretty good feedback really.

Problem is that now I need to start designing loads of levels, I get a bit bored, but the level editor is not particularly easy to use so I can't really appeal for any help in this respect.

Just have to keep plodding along really. My next game is definately going to be based on random, proceduraly generated environments.

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