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[EDIT: My web server is down so all my images are lost, I uploaded them under my GDNET account...lame. My web host really dropped the ball on that one, I had to cancel my test session as well because the master server's ip is resolved via downloading a .html file from my website. It's usually superfast and up 24/7.....]

I'm right in the middle of putting the final touches on this build, I have a test session tommorow w/the publisher. I'm reaaally busy right now, so I'll let the screenshots do the talking...

Things to note in these screens...actual "CURVED" roads. I re-did all of the road models with some curves and a higher resolution texture [in addition to the detail texturing].

The new road tile set probably uses my most aggressive level of detail reduction yet...

I'm also playing around with a real-time depth of field...here's what I got so far...low res 800x600 no FSAA, hence the 600 FPS.

On top of that, I'm going to add tangent space normal mapping to all the characters, I've already created all the normal maps, and tested them. I've just about got it all coded into the engine...it should provide a really nice visual boost for the character models.

Here's a example of a normal map for a character, these are created using the excellent NVIDIA tool, and touched up by hand.

I'll have another update soon, you better believe it [grin]

- Dan
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You're on digg, dude. Don't know if that's a good thing.


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Yup, just saw the Digg... I saw the "This guys is making a commercial game by himself" and I thought to myself that it sounded vaguely familiar to something... Sure enough it's your motto!

This is also the reason why your web host was probably pounded into the ground.

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Yep, I saw that too.

Nice curved roads, I'd love to see some overhead view of a city with some curved roads in it. They should successfully disrupt any monotony that may occur when watching the city from the strategy point of view.

As "cool" as depth-of-field might be, please don't add it to the game, or make it an option if you will. It's only good for some effects but in my opinion is harmful to the gameplay. I've seen a lot of games recently in which developers went overboard with the blurring (both in HDR/bloom type of effects as well as in DoF).

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