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Nearing 10,000

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slowly but surely getting to the 10,000 mark. Did not think I would manage to do that so fast within a few months considering the scope of what it first was the project.

On the project itself, currently we are mostly just cleaning up the code, and getting ready to hand in the engine to the teacher for our final grade tommorow. Then we are going to commit ourselves to a real game. Vyper as a framework will ofcourse continue to exist. But we are going to also be working at the same time on a game that runs on it.

Somethings I do know that will be in the game:

- Space shooter ala Freespace 2
- Newtonian Physics
- Battlestar Galactica weaponry on the capital ships with a few beam cannons
- Completly different ships (no BG ships we want to but we will get SOED!).
- storyline
- Aliens

I rather not divulge too much on the story, honestly I do not know if I am a good story writer, but i will ofcourse give 2 people the draft for review.

Now as for the technical bits, wea re going to add Direct Audio, I was going to opt for EAX but seeing as how Vista changed everything its a safer bet to use DirectAudio for now, and just make an abstraction for people who do have EAX. We have revamped the Entity class, added 2 interfaces that you can use to manipulate the code with. On the TODO list is ofcourse adding some form of resource file manager so we do not clutter files.

One last thing thats bothering me immensly is the fact some Windows XP machines refuse to run the Vyper program because they need to install a CLR thing that you get with .NEt 2.0 is there any way to kill this? its quite bothersome you need to install so much bloat :( I read you needed a bootloader to solve the problem. Most likely i will just wrap a installer around the game so these things just get added along.

The Vyper Framework from now on, will only come with .CPP files and the headers + resources. The reason is twofold:

1. Takes up less space
2. people can import them to any compatible C++ compiler, specifically the 2003 version
3. no Source Control errors + crapware.

I am hopefull for one final release, but we want to rewrite our heightmap first, and probably work on some things. I will again state that if your interested in joining the programming team, your more then welcome to just email me or send me a PM. My email is wijnand@dalmijn.com

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