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Well, got the camera code in there, so now the engine understands triggers with a 'cam_path' node. It looks through all cameras in the level for the specified camera path string to match.

Once it finds them, it sorts the paths by float ordinal, then goes into the camera path input state.

Right now I'm using CatmullRom splines, and just interpolating between position, 'position plus up', and 'position plus at' locations. I know I could use quaternions, but doing it this way was more similar to my path smoothing code which allowed me to re-use code.

I'm also working on a level, where I put a pit, with obligatory shadow-casting fan. The shadows are set to low quality, so it looks blockier than it does in game, plus in game, the fan moves quick enough that it doesn't look blocky anyway...

Yesterday I put in & tested OBJ export, so there is a complete in/out cycle with OBj files. Fixed a bunch of bugs from the dragging code before you loaded a level, to various UI tweaks.
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