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World is not enough....

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As I seem to set my mind on the game, the more deeper I get In trying to improve it. Once in the comfort of ones computer chair, you begin to dream of how great the final product will look and how many new feature you can incorporate, you keep stretching the goal further and further and something good that you came up with today will not be as good by tomorrow since better and more complex idead are coming in. You(I) have to settle to some ground where you take it one step at a time without any plannign for the future and see how it unfolds.
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Project froze, the SDKs no longer support pixel/vertex shader 1.1 so I'm upgrading to a better platform. ATI Radeon X1650 dual cards with CrossFire, Pentium 4 3.2 HT Land Grid Array Chip, thats currently what I've got the money for, had to sell plenty of stuff on ebay to get even that. Debuggin vertex shaders in the old Oct 2006 SDK with VS 2003, else all's ok..

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