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Evil Steve


Fnng. Nothing is going right recently. I thought I'd install all the drivers on my PC, and then start writing a GDD on my laptop, for an RTS I'm thinking about making.

Installing the drivers went reasonably well, until I came to install the ATI drivers. Every time I installed them and rebooted, both my monitors switched off when going into windows (Presumably because the drivers set an unsuppoirted resolution). I had to go into safe mode and uninstall the drivers. I tried installing just the display drivers, the display drivers and the WDM drivers, the whole lot - including the catalyst control centre (Although I don't have the .NET framework installed), and using Windows' Device manager to install the drivers. None of them worked. So I'm going to try and get some older drivers, and if I can't, I'll wait till I get another SATA cable, and take the drivers off my archive drive, then try the latest drivers.

Then I went to start work on the GDD, and found that my Office 2007 Beta had expired. Setting the clock back a year let me type, but office used 100% of the CPU when I typed, and froze for about 5 seconds after every keypress. I remembered that my laptop came with MS Works, so I uninstalled office and went to run works. And then it told me there was a missing function inside a DLL. *scream*

So, all in all, I got nothing done. I'm going to download Office 2007, and/or have a look through my MSDN subscription to see if I have a version in there. If not, Open Office will have to do.

Bugger bugger bugger.
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Good news: I downloaded Office 2007 from my MSDN subscriber downloads
Bad news: The old ATI drivers on their site give me an "Unauthorised access" error when trying to access them.

At least it's Friday anyway...

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