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A change of career

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Awright folks, I've discovered that the big money doesn't come from writing cute little games and selling 'em at low prices. The big money comes from MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING!

Motivational speaking is a career in which you claim to have all the answers to life's questions and can instill those answers in others if they'll just be more like you. And click lots of banner-ads. And press the "donate here" buttons that are liberally festooned all over your site.

That being said, I'm announcing THE TWO MILLION DOLLAR EXPERIMENT, which is twice as good as any other similar experiments that thus-far have only been able to garner an average of $653, thus rendering the experiment a 99.94% failure. In order to take the two million dollar experiment, you must announce your intentions to the universe thusly. . .

Also, feel free to right-click that picture and make it into your windows wallpaper, as it'll only make the mojo stronger if you see it all the time.

What with this being a subjective universe and all, you can expect large sums of cash to start appearing in your pants almost immediately.

So go ahead and announce your intentions to receive two million dollars in your pants. If you achieve any results, please post them as comments.

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I had my wallet in my pants, and if you convert the cash inside to Monopoly money, I dare say I could get close to two million.

I was going to post something on intentions in my journal (it's on the backlog now; I've got a whole heap of stuff to post!) I remember that Scott Adams (the Dilbert guy, not the game designer!) also wrote something about intentions in one of his books. It's a weird concept, but I'm highly skeptical of anything that has a "you have to believe in it to work" clause, otherwise you have the "well you didn't really mean it" cop-out if it doesn't work.

Plus why does everyone always wish for money? I'm going for something different:

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You've inspired me. How can I get you to talk at my company and/or family gathering?

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