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Welcome Back!

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Its good to have GDNet back, even if it means my productivity will drop back down to sub-par levels with it here to distract me.

Over the break I got some work done, mostly on school projects, but some on my "game". Model loading and animation is in (for .X files), though the code for it is, for the most part, shamelessly stolen from an article here. I also have 3D picking in place (though it works sporadically, so it still needs work), fixed up some memory leaks, and cleaned up code in some places, as well as adding a follow-style camera. My engine looks to be in bad need of some optimization, and perhaps some refactoring in places (ugh).

Next up on the todo list is movement, but I think to get that working correctly I need to get a basic event system in place. My idea is to have a base GameEntity class that everything gets inherited from. Entities can register callbacks to various events, so whenever something noteworthy occurs, the various effected entities can respond in turn. Hopefully should be easy to implement and effective enough to get the job done.

Of cource, no journal entry is complete without screenshots:

Holy crap models!

That ugly green circle shows up when you select a model, and is supposed to represent a units movement range (or at least, thats the plan). It doesn't look like much of a circle because the model is up against the wall and the circle is clamped to the edges of the map.

And finally, a wireframe screenshot. Because everything looks cooler in wireframe.
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