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Gamedev is up again, got a real shock when I fired up my browser [smile]
I thought it would be down for a while more.

To continue, maybe it was good gamedev were down, got some work done finally :)
My map format is done, I have a level editor were I can save and load maps now.
Now I'm currently doing some polishing, the data I can fil the maps with now is hard coded into the level editor, I'm making a visual studio like toolbox were I will have my tiles and sprites.
I have some troubles with that, I have zero experiance with custom controls and user controls. But it is going forward.

I got a question, a little bit of design tilemap doesn't support scripting, how should I add it, my first thought were to add the script for a tile in the class Tile. To just have a string that contains the script. I don't know if that is the way to go...

And well, happy to see all of you again, hope you have had a good time without gamedev, if not, I guess this will be the best week of your life. [smile]
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