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Password + Cell Phone == Bad Idea

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For some reason when I first bought my cell phone a number of months ago I thought it would be a good idea to enable password protection (that is, the phone would not turn on until the correct password is entered). I never had any problems with it, until this morning. The first thing I do (for some reason or another) when I wake up is turn on my cell phone. In an odd happening I could not remember my password. Well, after the third incorrect entry the phone suddenly locked (I should've RTFM'd). Long story short, I had to call tech support (two different companies, a number of times) to get the activation code to unlock the damn thing. Needless to say, I promptly disabled the password feature.

In development news, I haven't done any today. I did some thinking about what libraries to use, but no actual development. My engine is OpenGL based, and I've been thinking whether to use GLslang (which I like very much), or Cg (which I like much less) for compatibility reasons. Currently I am thinking about just going with Cg.

Well, thats enough for this entry.
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