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Playing With Template Meta-Programming Part 2

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Seeing as how I've sortof decided to move my blog off site, at least until GDNet blogs actually are feature complete, I'll only post partial topics to this blog, and link to my external blog. Feel free to comment here or on the site.

Furthermore, the answer to the previous post was that its an implementation of shift-add multiplication. Which also happens to describe how it works [grin].

Previously I covered the topic of SFINAE as a means of using compile-time information provided by the C++ language's overload resolution mechanism to make decisions at compile-time. In the context of TR1, specifically the reference_wrapper class, we can use SFINAE as a means of determining various properties that the reference_wrapper class is required to provide depending on the type being wrapped.
If you would like to read more, see here (now with RSS/ATOM feeds).
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