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...SO I sez to Marie I sez... oh! Um... Hi, everyo

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I didn't realize how much time I spend at GD until it went away.

I have decided to set aside Shank's Mare for a little while and work on a much smaller project: a Gyruss clone, built in Flash.

After three hours of coding I have a ship flying around in a circle, one wave of enemies flying in from the center of the screen, and the ability to destroy the enemies.

Next steps:

- A Formation class which will determine type and placement of enemies during a round.
- scoring
- intro and exit screens
- ummm... Aww, hell with it. I'm only working on it about 90 minutes a week, and mostly making it up as I go along.

I tells ya, after spending so long with my head so deep in the intricacies of strategy game design, working on a simple arcade game is a breath of fresh air.

Will post examples as they become available.
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