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Silent But Deadly

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It's been a long while since I have written anything in this journal. Six months to be exact. That's too long to not use something that you've paid a full subscription price to use. So, here I am, to use it.

So what have I been up to these last six months? Well, mostly I've been working on my game engine. There has been a host of other stuff going on as well. Like me being a an apartment by myself for the first time. I've been here for almost five months now. I have to say I really like living a lone. Anyways, enough of that though, onto some more relevant things.

I finally got a new monitor a couple of weeks ago. Nice samsung syncmaster 931b, it's the first lcd monitor I've ever had. I gotta say it's a lot nicer then the 50 pound behemoth IBM 19 inch I had before. I also managed to pick up a Radeon x1650 pro, which was a nice upgrade from the x700 I had before. It's nice for playing Never Winter Nights 2, which is the only game I've been playing since November. A very awesome game too, it really brings back what I loved about the Baldur's Gate series and NeverWinter Nights and combines them very well. If you liked any of those games check out NWN2.

The game engine I've been working on (off and on/ More on the off lately) for the past year is coming together nicely. In fact, I'm at the point to where the first game that will be used on will start being put together in the next couple of weeks. Resources are already partially developed and what not so once I finish up some key classes for the style of game that this is, development should go pretty smoothly.

Also a quick question for anyone out there : (I'm too busy with other stuff too look into it right at the moment but am currious.) : I remember reading last year that MFC isn't going to continue to be supported in the coming years for Windows programming, so what is taking the MFC's place?

I ask because I'm currently writing some tools with the MFC and well I'd rather not use it, but it is currently the quickest way for me to get the shit up and going for windows specific controls and what not. Keep in mind I'm using pure C++ and not managed.

Well, I'll be attempting to post updates more frequently here as well as in my blog, but until then it's back to work for me. More Later.

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I use MFC quite a bit for my tools programming and have heard that is going the way of the dinosaur as well. Although I don't know exactly what is planned to replace it, my guess is that Microsoft will just drop support for it and continue to push managed code to design GUI intense windows apps.

One alternative that I recently looked into was Win32++

Personally I still prefer MFC, but you may find some use with it.

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Thanks for the suggestion. To clarify though Win32++ seems is more of a wrapper for the Win32 api, designed for beginners. It simply encapsulates the win32 api into a more general OO design. It's meant to teach the user about Win32 API, which I suppose could be used as alternative to the MFC. Kind of seems redundant to use if you already know how to use the win32 api or MFC though. But definitely a good suggestion for someone who is just starting out in that area.

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Aye, tis a wrapper for base Win32 code, but promotes itself as being 'GUI control friendly' so I thought I'd run it by you. Like I said, I still use MFC -- although she is ugly, she's still my darling :)

If you do find an official alternative to MFC care to drop me a PM? I'd love to know about it as well.

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