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Ahh... calming

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I've been meaning to skin my journal for a while - especially since Trapper Zoid's looks so damn awesome. However I've been lacking a theme. Now I've pinched the theming from Snowman Village for my journal as well. [grin] Many thanks to Mr Zoid for providing a pinch-able style sheet to work from (especially since I know next to nothing about css).

I've also put up a proper page for Snowman Village on my website, which looks suitably spiffy if I do say so myself. It's been updated too - I've added sound effects, replaced the last of the placeholder graphics and generally tweeked the difficulty and controls (it's now possible to 'double jump' which makes it much easier). Links at the website, so you might as we go there now. [grin]
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That looks really good, although I can't imagine how easy it would be using the hacked up mess of CSS I use for my journal as its basis.

I don't know much about CSS either...

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