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lol magic 8 ball...

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I've decided that I'm making too many bad choices, as such I will now give all my important choices over to a Magic 8 Ball.

But not just ANY Magic 8 Ball.. oh no!
It's the slightly crap looking C# Pocket PC Magic 8 Ball application :D

Download meh!.
Hosted off site as Gamedev apprently doesn't allow cab files to be uploaded [wow]

This is for Pocket PC 2003 and up and requires the Compact .Net Framework 2.0 installed on the phone.

Install instructions;
- copy to phone
- run cab from phone and it will install + add shortcut to Programs menu

Uninstall available.

Hopefully I'll come up with a one step install exe type thing at some point, once I decode the instruction difference between VS2003 and VS2005... *grumbles*
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