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Hello GD.NET world!

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Oh phew, it's good to see GD.NET back online. I'm sure Ravuya is particularly happy because it means I'll stop pestering him for periodic status reports on the site's status. [smile]

Anyways, this developer has been doing what he does best: developing! Membrane Massacre is moving forward steadily once again, but whilst managing my schoolwork the best I can. Might as well get the best out of both worlds. That, and I just can't live without working on games!

The additions thus far to MM have been mainly of the visual flavour, which luckily caters just perfectly to screenshots. In particular:

  • Dynamic terrain 'drop-shadows' - The terrain now casts a nice shadow effect onto the background, which adds a nice sense of depth. I really wanted to have it transparent, but the extra alpha calculations murdered the game's speed. Still, a nice touch.
  • 'Light flashes' - A visual effect I am now extremely fond of. A 'light flash' is really just a set of concentric additive-blended circles that expand and fade given certain parameters. The implications, however, make for some huge leaps in visual presentation for the game. In particular, the Laser has never looked better. [smile] (This is also set as an option, since blending is a little CPU intensive)
  • Bubbles! - The jury is still out on whether this will be included in the final game or not. Bubbles are created from explosions, cell destruction, or cell splitting, and each follow buoyancy laws and react to terrain. If a bubble hits the terrain too hard (or has been active for too long) it pops into smaller bubbles, making for a cool recursive effect. It's particularly neat when you're hunting some cells and see bubbles suddenly rise up from somewhere below you. "Uh oh, there's some dividing going on down there!". Let me know if you like it.
  • Final boss now explodes (and thus is tossed around) upon his defeat. Looks significantly cooler than the previous death sequence. If you reply MM for anything, at least do it to see El Mucho Membrano explode. [smile]
  • Some bug fixes, of course.

Now to mercilessly throw screenshots at you! Har har!

It also came to my attention that MM has gotten some publicity under "Membrane Madness", since I suppose to the casual observer 'massacre' and 'madness' are alike. Two copyrights for the price of one! ..Right? [sad]
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Hurray progress!

Nice to see that you're back, and MM is looking better than ever, awesome work!

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Original post by Scet
Looks awesome, but is there a way to download the new version?

No, not yet. It won't be available until it's completed.

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Does anyone else find it strange that HopeDagger posts to say he won't be around GameDev for a while, then next thing the entire site vanishes for almost two weeks.

Then the site magically appears again, and here's HopeDagger posting away like before.


(Game's looking amazing, by the way. You're all over Google with it as well, I'm pleased to see).

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Awesome images. I love this kind of games with a lot of explosions and particles. It reminds me the old liero days :').
Can't wait to play the new version. Great game!

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