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And now, back to your regularly scheduled programm

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I wish I could say that I spent the gamedev downtime being super productive and winning the lottery (though I suppose winning the lottery would constitute being super productive...), it's simply not true. Plus it would be out of style.

No, I've merely been trudging through work, futzing with loose home life ends, building new home life foundations... Oh, and I've also been playing SupCom (demo) on vista, and this here.

Supcom is good. Not super fantastic, but entertaining, mildly innovative, high replay value. Not too 'new' both in graphics or game design, but the innovation comes in the implementation and UI. Finally something which uses all 2 gigs of ram in my machine...

As for hockey, it was quite cool. Very bright. It seems a lot smaller than you'd think; the seats kinda loom in on you, and with the jumbo-tron hanging down it's far more claustrophobic than even your local (or our local) dinky high school rinks. Seamless glass makes funny noises when you hit it with pucks.

I did manage to do a little MoE coding, sort of. I dabbled a little in trying to make the game objects threadsafe. The key sticking point seems to be in the state change events. There just doesn't seem to be a nice design which allows them to be threadsafe yet still interact with the fog of war setup and have the event style interface. .NET delegates themselves are way better than most C-style languages, but still seem to be a dirty hack once you look into how they work or do anything non-standard (not basic add/remove/invoke) with them. And it's not as though you can extend them to do non-standard stuff since they're "special".
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