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Prinz Eugn


Well, without GameDev I managed to spend a lot of time punching commies in the face drawing stuff. Before I get to that, I have some images of a different kind for you! Author's note: does that make you think of porn? because I did for some reason reading back on it]

|33t Pictarz

So, for christmas, I got a memory card for my phone, and I've been taking pictures of things semi-randomly, and sometimes those things aren't even my facial features (But, damn, I look good[see previous entry]).

Here is a sampling(click for larger, although the quality isn't great):

Funny Headline

For "non-lethal method, etc." read "Pain-ray"
(For backround, Moody is actually an airforce base, this article was in our local AF base's newspaper)

Standard New Mexico sunset from our deck

Happens often and is much better in person.


This is uncommon here, and it is fun to see snow coverd cacti (Backround :this is actually a Yucca, the state flower, in our front yard)


I got a 3/5ths scale Ak-74 for Christmas. It has a working magazine and shoots plastic BB's. I am much pleased.

Monoliths and Other Frightening Fortress Features

Lately I've been reading about World War 1, my knowledge of WW2 being to the point that most books I have on it are kind of boring, and it got me thinking about fortresses and such, and how the end mission of Angels 22 takes place over a giant mountain fortress.

This made me want to draw some massive structures for the fortress, just to get the point across visually that it is a huge mountain fortress, so I, uh, did:

These are the ones I have so far in the game texture pattern(Regular+damaged), along with a Fuego Truck at the bottom for scale.
Lenin's head was done through genius MS-Paint trickery.

The top one is a giant door, the next is a bunker that may have a cannon sticking out later, the next is an outpost, and the next is Lenin's head, which doesn't have a damaged texture yet, although if the new banner comes true...

New Unit

Sir Sapo one day in 2nd hour decided to code up a VTOL V-22-esque unit that could function as a cool in-game event.

They could concievably drop in to rescue POW's after you've destroyed the surround defences, or insert commandos to take out a radar site, or even save your sorry ass if you get shot down.

Anyway, right now they just drop in(which looks cool as the engine rotates) and fly off, but they're in there somewhere.


Finally finished the AP Rocket texture, which are referred to as "Zunis" In game, although it may not make it in the demo in time.

Armored Train engine is now more complete, with a modular center piece to make this boss more exciting.

A work in progress, but this is destined to be the thing that hauls in the Gustav, as can be seen in the new banner. The car behind the engine is going to be a Command center-thingy.

A sweet F-22 for Dogfight Online, which means it was me mainly getting bored.
F-22's are kickass.

Another Dogfight Online plane, which was hard to do, there being a shortage of accurate technical drawings.

Dogfight. I like this because of the color, plus the airplane it's based on looks rather neat:Linky

Kind of an older drawing, but with a modified shape and cool markings.

This guy was interesting to draw, although kind of hard due to the lack of color change. I like the giant rocket motors stuck on the back. Functionally it's going to be like an armed SR-71.

There's more stuff like this, but it's kinda not done.

Grand Finale!!

Click For Uber-Sized.


-Mark the Artist
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Holy! All fantastic work, Mark. I'm still amazed by the calibre of your art. The final fighter image reeks of awesometude. [smile]

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Original post by HopeDagger
Holy! All fantastic work, Mark. I'm still amazed by the calibre of your art. The final fighter image reeks of awesometude. [smile]

Original post by Scet
On the scale of awesome from 1 to 10, I give this entry an 11.


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