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Sir Sapo


Hey everyone!

Long time no see, while GDnet was down, Mark and I were working hard to get A22 demo ready, and guess what.... we did!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats right folks, we finally decided to scrap our plans of an incredible scripted and voice acted demo for a slightly less awesome one, but don't worry, there are plenty of commies to grill in the demo anyways...

Angels 22 Demo (~6.3MB)

Unfortunately, I'm all drugged up with crap on account of the sickness I have recently been afflicted with, the dreaded Swimmer's Ear, or in (slightly less) layman's terms, and ear infection. Anyways, I'll have to write up a long entry with instructions and whatnot tomorrow, as I needs to get some sleep now, but I'll leave you with this one handy tip for A22, if it runs shittily, try turning off some stuff in the options menu, it should help reduce the load on your machine and allow you to have fun!

Well, expect an extremely long and detailed entry tomorrow night, but for now, just download the new version and let us know what you think/how it runs.

Peace Out!
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I love it! Being able to double tap to speed up / slow down / do a quick turn really adds something to the combat. The menus are great (just swap the "prev" and "next" buttons on the weapon select screen, please. I'm not sure why, it just seems odd [grin]). No crashes at all and I played for a good 20-30 minutes.

Only thing that I noticed was that if a "scatter bomb" (Can't remember the actual name, sorry) hit the ground before... err... "scattering", it would just disappear. I understand that it's not supposed to do anything if that happens, but maybe a satisfying "lots of metal hitting dirt" sound and a cloud of dust?

Anyway, it was great. Looking forward to the finished product!
(Oh and skipping bombs across the water is quite fun as well!)

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Thanks for trying it out, I'm glad that the demo is working for everyone so far, I had some doubts about its stability, as I haven't tested it on other computers in a while.

We've already started working on the issues you guys pointed out, and we'll probably have an updated demo tonight with some fixes.

EDIT: Happy belated birthday!!!!!!

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