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Since GDNet was down for a while I gotta cram a lot of stuff into this update :-)

Code/gameplay wise it's the same old story, tweaking the netcode, and fixing bugs as they come up. Still trying to get a stable/finalized game world before getting too far into coding all the gameplay specific stuff.

I am working on a totally arbitrary teamplay system. There are 6 player slots per server, currently the player's slot number infers their team. I'm going to make the two independent, so players can set up any teams they want...ie: 3vs3 with 3 players on a gang, or it can be 6 gangs with each player as the boss of their own gang.

When you're in the lobby before a game starts you can pick whatever team color you want to be on, the first person to select each color becomes the 'Boss' of that gang. There are a few ranks below boss, for the subsequent players that join the team. Also, if you're the boss of a gang, you can lock/unlock the teams to prevent people from joining your gang.

By default, each player starts as the boss of their own gang, in the lobby. They are able to switch teams up until the game starts.

This will also allow 5 people to be on the same gang, against 1 other player...players can share micromanagment, or roam the city in groups now...also multiplayer drive-bys (up to 4 players per vehicle) will now be possible.

OK on to the screenshots....

In addition to lighting effects on gunshots, I recently added police sirens back into the game [and into multiplayer :-D]

I also created a few new buildings a week or so ago...

I just made this building over the last few days...It's probably the most complex (triangle count wise) so far...about 6000 triangles including the interior. I was going for a sort of pizzeria look, it evolved into just a restaurant/bar...

I'm still working on it, I'm not happy with some aspects...but overall I think it's coming together.

A shot at night, this is the part I'm most-not-happy-with. Maybe reducing the # of lanterns....

Here are some [confusing] wireframe views...

Just for reference, here are some earlier screenshots...

I think the colored lanterns are throwing it off, I liked it better with all white lanterns. I dunno, I'm gonna play with it tommorow. Freakin' hand placing each of these triangles/verts in Milkshape3D takes a lot out of you.

- Dan
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Recommended Comments

The detail textures really make a huge difference - the texture quality is quite impressive. Great looking work.

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Something that looks a little strange, in the 4th image, you've got the new Buckorama building next to another.

That little bit at the top of the root, it's not guttering, it's just like concrete going right around the perimeter of the roof? It's looks like it's going into the building next to it. Which I suppose it is, since you probably don't check for collisions between buildings. [grin]

I don't know if that's something that you'll live with, or maybe the level can go through a small amount of preprocessing to check for those types of things.

Apart from that, it looks great. I do like the laterns.

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I really like that one:

One thing that is not-so-nice is the street you see going into the background, it feels like the city is stopping in the void ( which it probably does ). Makes me wonder, is there something around the city ? If not, have you considered creating a huge landscape triangle mesh with some mountains / hills ? Even in the skybox, that would be nicer I think..

In any case, you've made some incredible progress graphically since last year. From GTA-level graphics, you've gone to state-of-the-art graphics. Very impressive.

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Hey guys, thanks for the comments :-)

Ysaneya - Actually that was a issue previously. My solution was just to put a boarder of buildings around the city. In the screenshot you mention, there is actaully a beach out there 8-) Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it.

Endar - Ah, yea I suppose I could tighten up the corners. It doesn't look too odd to me, but yea you're right it does stand out. Because of the different situations each model is put in, sometimes there will be slight overlaps :-/

ApochPiQ - Yup, 'dem detail textures sure do the trick. [grin]

- Dan

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Guest Anonymous Poster


when do you plan to release the game?

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