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Everybody Dance!

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GDNet is back.

GDNet webserver, will you be my Valentine? 500.13? Is that some kind of webserver kinks code? Why are you vomiting on my shoes? Oh god those were new shoes and now they have webserver vomit on them oh my god oh my god oh my god get the fuck out of here you stupid serverI don't even want to see you anymore I'LL PUNCH YOU IN THE MOTHERBOARD

And that's how the site went down. Fo realz.


Big, big improvements. I had a bug in my quaternion code that I tracked down and killed, which was preventing my third person camera from working properly.

The upshot is I've got the third person camera working, though ship movement and the first person cam are mangled since they depended on the quaternion's previous squirrelly behaviour so I have to take a look at that.

I'll probably put up some screenshots later, as soon as I get the system loaded and displaying a skybox. Don't expect anything until the end of the week unless I magically find free time -- my artificial intelligence and compiler classes have given me a few ass-pain assignments due within a few hours of each other (Update: Compiler is going well. Let's see if I can't scrape together a few hours tomorrow night).

Amazing Racing Game

The car physics feel "almost right" and the entities are being loaded now. I also got it ported over to OS X from Linux. Now to get the collision with the entities working and then do a few laps of a race.

Next is getting weapons firing and then trying to make the AI figure stuff out. An editor would be nice too.

Since I'm taking too long to do the example, I've released the v1.0 SVN dump sans examples to the Propane Injector project site. You can certainly build a great game on what I have now.

Future Game Projects

I'm debating whether I am going to work on a sequel or a wholly original property for my next game. I'm leaning towards an original property, since my ideas for sequels to my flagship games are getting grandiose and would probably kill me.

So that means it's off to the drafting board for this one.

Laptop Repair

I managed to get my laptop completely repaired after another trip, and Apple is sending me a replacement power adaptor for free to make up for the issues. The executive relations coordinator also gave me his personal phone number to ring if there are any future difficulties for a full replacement. [grin]

Sorry for another entry with no screenshots, but soon I'll have a gorgeous one of my ship orbiting a large system with the running lights and skybox enabled.
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