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Daily progress report:

  • Finished chapter 1 - "Foundation and Theory"
  • Tidied up and finished first half of chapter 3 - "Techniques for Per-Pixel Lighting"

    Proved interesting to try and draw up a meaningful diagram for DXGI_FORMAT_BC5_SNORM; lots of blocks of bits and bytes (damned those awkward 3-bit look-ups [rolleyes]). Ended up resorting to Excel for that diagram - proved very easy once I was just drawing borders and filling in cells with colours [grin]

    QUESTION: Can anyone confirm whether the BC format diagrams are included in the Feb '07 SDK? I haven't had time to check and probably won't have time in the near future...

    Which now means that all the diagrams in my section of the book are drawn with Powerpoint or Excel [lol]

    Remaining work:

  • Chapter 2 - majority of. Haven't really done much work on light sources yet. Hopefully won't take too long.
  • Second half of chapter 3 - mostly formatting and editing, apart from a few diagrams I've got all the content in.
  • Chapter 5, 6, 7, 8 - Content complete, just got to write the sample code and paste it in the relevant places
  • Chapter 9 - Bit more content required as well as writing the sample code
  • Chapter 10 - not even started ([oh]) but it relies on screenshots and diagrams from all other chapters, so it'll be the last thing I do.

    Days left until deadline: 14.
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    Is that 14 days for text + code or just 14 days for the actual book text itself? Also do you have an estimated release on it yet?

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    14 days to do everything.

    I've got the day-job to consider as well and I'm moving house on the 24th, and I'm going on holiday on the 7th March. Its going to be interesting...

    No news regarding a release date for the book - I've not been told and I haven't asked [smile] At a guess, give them 6-8 weeks to sort it out once we've all handed our parts in... Maybe a mid-april/may launch?


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