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??? and FTP

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Well... yesterday I finally finished to compile all executables that make use of the updater. Was quite a trouble since I had all version infos to change, include it into CVS and make a check, if they still work...

On a side note : I hate CVS. This thing is just awful. Or is it the way it is used in this company ? There is just no integration into the development programs (eVC), my colleagues decided to work on the same cpp file all together and this is just a PITA. It takes half a day everytime you want to merge the codes you've written with those your colleagues have written. Check, if there are no conflicts and because you don't trust the system, take a look at the code for yourself. Compile and test it... Why are some people inapt to limit their work to just the cpp files they need and not allow anyone else to work on that file ? I would like to hear your comments on this...

Today I have to find a way how to speed up the access to the file storage on the ftp server. I made some tests yesterday : While the normal file system access (\\server\folder) is quite fast for the amount of files I have to check (~45 sec), the access through an ftp server takes much longer (~3 minutes -> 4x less fast). Basically I do this : Either I have a path filename and I directly can do an "ls -l filename" to get the infos I need for the file, or I have an "*.*" and I have to fetch all filenames. Those filenames are then used with the first case mentioned. I've to think about what I'll do now.

I've decided that I've eliminated the final and very last bug in Dr.Electron yesterday. Well... I might call any forthcoming bug "final and very last bug" from now on. Specially if that's a bug that has already been eliminated some weeks ago and which came back in another form with an intermediate release of the game...
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