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I got more work done on the Round Soldiers. Basically, they are upgraded versions of the level 1 enemies, that charge Blocky Man when they spot him. When they spot Blocky Man, they do a little jump and have an '!' above their head like a Metal Gear game:

Although, I suppose that it looks kind of awkward in a screenshot.

There are some bugs I have to fix, but I'm just about ready to move on to the next enemies. These are basically my enemy ideas for this level:

Round Giant - Behaves the same as a Round Soldier, but is much, much bigger and invincible.

Round Ninja - Lies in wait, and then jumps at Blocky Man in quick attacks.

Cannon - Cannon manned by a Round Soldier that actually shoots out Round peasents, or in other words, the Circle men from the first level.

Baron von Ellipse - The boss of the game. Wearing his spiked war helmet(which, it can be assumed, he imported from some sort of non-round planet), he is impervious to Blocky Man's attacks. So how can he be beaten?(DUN DUN DUN!)

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Looking very cool. I really wish I had a tenth of your level designing patience, stompy.

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Well, level designing is quite easy now that I have a map editor. It takes only 1-3 hours to make a new level(some of that spent surfing GDNet[grin]) once the enemies are programmed. Although it usually takes me around two weeks to program enemies. I don't work on the game every day, but when I actually do work on it, I usually put a few hours in.

What I'm doing right now is what I most enjoy, programming the enemy behavior. It gives me the chance to try things that I've seen in other games, or to try something interesting(Blorps). This will probably be my last platformer for awhile, so I'm trying any good enemy concept I can think of.

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