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Ugh, coding just can't get back into it...

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I have no idea why, but for some reason I just can't get back into coding anything right now... Been this way for about a month or two. :( Has anyone else been to this point? If so what did you do to get past it.

Part of me has just lost all desire to finish my RTS since SupCom is now coming out. So now I sit here not sure what I want to make for a game. I got all this time in my game and feel like I wasted my time. Than I jumped on Vista and GL support isn't 100% and DX10 stairs at me. I not sure if my mind is saying overload, sick of crap changing and not working. All I know is that I need to get back into it soon....
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Welcome to burn out, population you.

Basically, forget about coding and coding related stuffs for a while, go play games and do something else, relaxy and don't worry about it.

It'll come back in time...

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Ah, yes! Burnout! I know it well (then again, I don't think I know of a programmer that doesn't).

What's the dealie with Supreme Commander? You _seem_ to be comparing your project to it and losing motivation because of it. I dont know much about your project, but perhaps you're not seeing the value in the work that you've done so far. Not only that but an aggressively large triple A title like SC isn't exactly a good benchmark for an independant developer to go by.

Like I said, I don't know much about your project, but I know it's easier for us to get discouraged than motivated. Just some thoughts...

- Is your game fun? Does it become any less fun based on what other titles are out there?
- Is the game accessible to casual gamers (unlike it's triple A counterparts that require a steap learning curve and/or mass time consumption)?
- What hardware will it run on? Not all of us have the latest and greatest.
- What price range are you shooting for?
- Are you just fargin' tired of programming? =b

Anyway, best of luck. Hope you're able to carry on with your project.

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Yeah it's probably burnout. I been playing games lately to try and help me out. I don't know I guess I can keep on with the RTS game. Have to look at what I can do to make it fun still to play. My code base is GL2.1 so its not for older systems. Reason by the time I am done GL2.1 will be OLD... :)

Thanks for the input both of you. Maybe after next tuesday and a few days/weeks of SupCom playing I will feel more like coding again. :)

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