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High school years... University years...
I always wanted to create an interesting website which has lots of visitors.
Because I believed the best way to make money is to have sponsors and drive
traffic to them. So I focused on web-based programming when I was in university.

And one day, this idea poped out. If I claim myself as a beggar and beg online
for sponsor to become a millionaire, creating beggar's website, then it could
be a hot issue and my sponsors would get lots of traffic. So I created one
right away and titled it "The Online Bum who Wanted to Become Millionaire with
Sponsors' Supports." And I placed few sponsors' links in text on index page to
drive traffic to them. I contacted press release distributer for publicity.
They wrote a press for me and distributed it, but Result was not good.

I found few problems with my idea. First, text link did not attract visitors.
Only 10% of visitors clicked it. Second, even though I had interviews with
newpaper companies, they hesitated to release press for me, because there were
not enough sponsors for my site to become an issue. But in order for my site to
become an issue, I needed them to release a press so I can get some sponsors. I
was very fustrated. But after few month, I found out that 60% of visitors
(newspaper related) are visiting back and they even added my site to favorites.
It meant my idea is still interesting and it could be a hot issue if there are
some progress made.

So to make my site succesful, I had to fix two problms. Make sponsors link
attractive and make a progress before press release. After few hour of brain
storming, I got an answer. I decided to make "The Online Bum" as a browser
game in which Multiplayers develop a virtual beggar into millionaire. I decided
to create sponsor's link in images, in form of "Magic Items", to fix first
problem and to create a game as RPG with a "Quests" to fix second problems.
Also, I decide to give commissions to players for actual benefit besides fun.

To Be Continued...

Please Check Millionaire Maker

P.S. Guys, often my pages were not loaded fully.. So I have to refresh.. Is this my poblem? or server problem?
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Welcome to GDNet. [smile]

Sounds like an interesting idea you've got there. As for making your javascript work across multiple browsers, you'll need to be more careful about selecting what functionality you use, and should ideally test for the existence of specific functionality (not as a check for specific browsers, that's a horrible and outdated technique) before making use of it, and may in some cases even have to provide some slightly redundant code to get things working cross-browser.

As far as is possible, you should also try to restrict usage of javascript to enhancing exiting functionality rather than providing essential features.

You might be interested on checking out the QuirksMode javascript articles. In particular, the series on javascript Events may be able to help you with writing code to be more cross-browser.

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Original post by TheOnlineBum

P.S. Guys, often my pages were not loaded fully.. So I have to refresh.. Is this my poblem? or server problem?

hello. hmm i don't have that problem, however tha site often goes slow like the hell for me, i need to click 20x while page starts loading :x

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