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I don't really have any time to spend on programming today because my wife and I have to get ready for our Vietnamese new year party. Tet is the Vietnamese new year celebration. For many Americans the word Tet has a negative connotation, however it is a period of celebration and renewal.

I should probably explain that my wife immigrated to America from Viet Nam with her family when she was 12. Otherwise it wouldn't make sense that we were celebrating it.

Of course its not just Tet, many Asian cultures will be celebrating the Chinese New Year during February (many of the celebrations are weeks long).

Why do I bring this up? If you are not doing anything this weekend, here is a chance to do something new. A fairly large number of Vietnamese have immigrated to this country and many towns have at least a small community. There will be many celebrations over the next few days, and many of them will be open to the public. It is a good chance to try another culture's food and see their traditions. I have found that American people are almost always welcomed at the parties and usually someone is eager to explain what is going on.

How do you find them?

I would suggest the Vietnamese Restaurant Locator. There will probably be signs up at the restaurants. Also if you have never eaten Vietnamese food before you should give it a try. It is very different from Chinese or Thai food. I suggest Pho (noodles) with beef (Bo) meatballs as a good starting place.

It is easy spot Vietnamese restaurants and groceries because they use the same characters for their alphabet that we do but with the phonetic marks (I have no idea how to get these from html). The French changed their written language while they were a colony.

Anyway here is a good chance to try something new and learn more about a country that to many Americans is only a place we went to war.
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