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New phone is neeeeeeeeew....

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I tend to get twitchy when it comes to technolgy... if I've had the same stuff for a while I get this urge to upgrade thingy... this urge hit me thursday morning (before the Magic 8 Ball life choices thing was in effect); I wanted a new phone.

Now, for the past year I've had an Orange SPV M500 Pocket PC phone, and it's great for the most part; pictures at silly sizes, GPRS, touch screen and SDCard for extra memory. It runs Windows Mobile 2003 and it's protocol version is 1337.39, which makes me chuckles every time I need to restart it. And the fact that the .Net CF runs on it

But, it's not perfect; due to stupid bundled software the GPRS is a bit iffy, inbetween sessions you need to either switch packet types or reset the phone. Also, some how the battery has overheated and slightly melted the inside of the case o.O

It's still a good phone, but well I'd like something more thanks [grin]

I was orignally planning on getting an M600, the M500's slightly upgraded brother. It's mostly the same from what I recall, however it has WiFi connectivity and more ram.

And I was nearly sold on an upgrade until I saw the M3100.

The M3100 is like the M500's sexier sister, seriously.
It runs Windows Mobile 5, which has a better UI than the previous version, it has more RAM (like the M600 it's also solid state so you don't lose everything if the power dies), WiFi and is a 3G phone... oh, and it has a slide out keyboard which adds about half a cm to the height. It's bit bigger than the M600 but at the same time it has more features... I was sold.

I ordered it and the wait began.. it turned up today and once I got it out I knew I'd made the right choice... damn this thing is nice!

The UI is a dream to work with, you can do practically everything without touching the screen thanks to how the keys reconfigure themselves depending on what you are doing. The touch screen it's self is nice and responsive, the 3G internet is so much faster than the GPRS on my old phone... and the keyboard is excellent, full QWERTY and a decent size... The WiFi is both the 11mbp and 54mbp standards, which is nice and will be handy once I get the WiFi key out of my dad for the house o.O

Seriously, I think I'm in love, heh

First thing I've done?
Installed the .Net CF and the Magic 8 Ball program I wrote.. it works, my life can continue...

I don't think I've ever been as happy with a new phone as I've been with this one, normally after I get them out it's like 'its cool and I like it but... ' so far, no buts, just happy happy, joy joy...

Tonight; Frank Turner at the local Alt. Night... a good way to top off a good day [grin]
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I work in "Mobile Application Development" during the day, and I'm pretty sure the M3100 is Orange's badged up version of a TyTn, which I think is what Vodaphone ship as the V1605. Smartphones seem to suffer from a lot of re-badging depending on which operator is selling it.

I currently have a Nokia 9300 Communicator to play with, but i'm hoping to get hold of a V1605 soon [grin]

If yours is the same as a V1605 then it's pretty damned cool from what I've played with - much better than my 9300 communicator.

Oh, and don't even get me started on SymbianOS vs WM5 - Symbian brings back horrible horrible memories [help]


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I was right:
The SPV M3100 is based upon the HTC Hermes design and is also known as the HTC Hermes, HTC TyTn, Vodafone VPA Compact III, Vodafone 1605, T-Mobile MDA Vario II, the Cingular 8525 and no doubt many more names!

I envy you now - I want!


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A friend of mine wants an Orange SPV, but we live in Canada, so he's bidding on eBay.

If you want to sell it, then I'm sure he can buy it off you as auction sniping is retarded and I'd rather be sure that the hardware is in good condition.

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