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Backward Progress

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Well, I've gotten to the point in my project where the inevitable happens: I want to scrap the entire thing and start over again. Why? Well, there are two subjects I'm very interesting in that I didn't design for from the get go: multithreading and shaders. Not necessary things by any means, and I could probably finish my game pretty easily without either.

But wheres the fun in that? Bottom line is I want to learn more about both topics, and since they both strike me as features that have to be more or less designed into a game, rather than added to one mid-developement, I think it may be time to reset. Maybe.

Or maybe I'll try to get this project done ASAP and focus on builing my uber-badass threaded, shader heavy engine next time. Thoughts?

Also, I may be a little late to the party, but I just found out about Microsoft Gamefest. They have all the slides and recorded all the talks from last year, and it looks like a pretty excellent resource. Plus, like 4 of the lecturers are or have been teachers of mine, so listening to them at events like this cracks me up. Its hard to realize just how smart some of these guys really are when they're trying to teach a bunch of idiot sophomores about brightening a bitmap, so I guess thats why I find this particularly interesting.
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