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Driver bugs?

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Whilst the above image is sort-of pretty, its not the intended result!

Running against the reference rasterizer generates the expected greyscale image without any funky contour lines [rolleyes]

Nvidia, I'm looking at YOU.

Luckily I'm only on 100.59 and I've heard the 100.64's are out now, so I guess I have to try those tomorrow...

Anyway, progress on the book for the last couple of days has been far too slow [headshake]. I'm most of the way through finishing Chapter 3 - should get that done fairly quickly tomorrow. Then the rest of the weekend is sorting out Chapter 2 (Light sources).

It'll be a good weekend if I can have chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 completed. The first three are the biggest, which means its slightly more feasible that I'll get 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 done in the remaining 10 days [lol]
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I remember fixing a compatibility bug on an nVidia Quadro 4 where we had (I think - hazy memory) a texCUBE sampling an envmap but the sampler was being set to NULL in our code for that stage, the result was a kind of rainbow pattern as if the tex coords were being used directly as the colour or some sort of default 'debug' map was being used.

The colours of your contours look a little bit rainbowish to me...

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