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After a spirited night of impassioned Wii bowling hackery, we have made the following discoveries:

  • Contrary to popular Internet bullshit lies from the evil terrists, it is fully possible to control both the direction and amount of spin on the ball. Several variables are involved, the most notable being initial controller orientation, final controller orientation (when releasing), and how the controller is rotated during the first half of the forward swing.

  • The ball's velocity is greatly affected by the degree to which the controller's motion matches the footsteps of the Mii bowler. While the bowler's arms will do pretty much anything the controller does, the step into the swing is a set animation. Syncing with that animation allows many hacks.

  • An easy way to strike: take two steps to the right, hold the controller vertical in front of your chest and press B, point the tip of the controller downwards and then bring it back up until the Mii bowler takes a full step forward and is now holding the ball in front of his face. At this point, the controller should be roughly parallel to the ground (takes practice and timing) and flat (i.e. no twist). Now gently but quickly jab the controller forward and twist it to a 45 degree angle, then let go of the B button. The ball will fling forwards as though compelled by the very Force itself, and if you time the twist right, will make a perfect strike every time.

  • It is possible to bowl into other people's lanes. The secret is to lob the ball high and fast. Rumours of "invisible walls" and other such constraints are all false. We suspect, but have not yet proven, that it is possible to go more than one lane over.

  • It is possible, after a manner, to hit other people's balls while they bowl. With careful timing and practice, you can hop lanes and cause all manner of chaos. However, there is no ball-ball collision physics in the game; your ball simply goes through the other player's ball as if nothing happened.

  • By using the Force-throw method and careful orientation, it is possible (and not too hard) to get the ball most of the way down the neighboring lanes. From this we conclude that, with practice, it should be possible to hit the pins at the end of the next lane over. However, although I personally have come within about a ball's diameter of the pins before guttering, we have yet to actually hit them. It is not certain whether there will be collision physics (i.e. can my ball knock over the other guy's pins) and it is almost completely certain that it will not affect the legitimate score. The jury, though, remains out. We'll keep you posted.

  • By observing the Force-throw method and various spin tactics, I've noted a few inaccuracies in the physics, and developed a fairly comprehensive idea of how the physics code is written in the game. However, it being 0040 hours and me being completely tired (not to mention utterly lazy), I'm going to play G.R.A.W. instead of writing it up. Suffice it to say that, if my suspicions are correct, they use a very simple but robust physics model that allows some sophisticated effects without any of the annoying complications of real physics. Always fun stuff.

So there you have it. Go forth and be enlightened, and hack thine Wii bowls.
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