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Project Restart

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as some of you might have noticed on the beginner forum, I was having a good discussion with some people about Multithreading. After talking to the group who work on Vyper a couple of things have been opted for:

Vyper will be renamed to M.A.G.E the reason we have opted to do this is because we rather not come over as a copy paste group. First one who figures out what mage stands for gets a spot in the alpha testing ;).

We are opting for Multithreading because we the development team all have Dual cores and felt that it was a good idea to expand on this technology, especially with all the good presentations and people on the forum helping us out ;) The reason we want to do multithreading is because we want to be able to handle a lot of information and with this we can probably try to do a lot of tricky things.

Another reason for our project reboot is basically to implement Networking code, parts of vyper will find their way in MAGE but some parts won't mainly this is what we want to figure out. Again we stress that if anyone wants to join the group and has some good C++ knowledge to contact me, modelers are also more then welcome. The goal is to release a demo of a fullyworking game within the year, MAGE will be our engine which will be available for free and the game will be released as a full package :)

My only spoiler on how this game will look is basically think of a cross between battlestar Galactica physics in a game, and the action / capital action of Freespace 2.

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ah i found it a funny name thats all :) I will be reading on how to make threads in WIN32 and having a discussion with my group tommorow. Hopefully we will be able to release what we have soon, we are just gunning for migrating the good of vyper and killing the bad.

Dunno hwat purpose multiscreen has, but it might be a fun feature to keep for jokes, but other then that its a performance hog :)

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Well the group i mentioned above sank the MAGE concept, and well now we are called the Firefly engine ;)

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