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Not worth the wait...

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Quick and dirty update:

Okay, so this is just a half-arsed journal post to prove that I'm not pushing up any daisies just yet. Yep, I was sorely missing my gamedev, however, this lack of delicious distraction did not result in a flurry of productivity. Here's a list of excuses legitimate reasons:

1) Moved out of my appartment last weekend and have been doing various moving bits this whole time.
2) Getting ready to go away on a three-week holiday next weekend.
3) Aquired salmonella (if that's how you spell it) from a dodgey foodcourt "wrap". Spent half a week roughly useless in bed. I'm over it now. Some advice: don't eat anything with chicken in it, that also has some sort of dairy-based sauce, that also looks like it could have been sitting in that refridgerated glass box for a long time.

Okay, so here's some actual development news:

Like I said, I don't have too much to report due to the above, but I have done some messing around. Fixed various bugs that cropped up. Converted some of my uses of std::vector to std::list as it made more sense to use it, and I liked how it doesn't invalidate other iterators on an erase. Finished up the tesselation-modification stuff, the mods now get saved when you save the scene. Added "tesselate object once" option if you wish to manually tesselate the object in the editor and use that as the base control-mesh. Tweaked the texture-modification view a bit to allow some more functions for more flexibility. Made another texture in inkscape for use as tree foliage. Might consider using inkscape as the main tool for my programmer art until a better art-style comes along.

So basically now I'm at one of those lovely impasses. I've done everything I want to do with my mesh editor at the moment and I need to determine what's the best component to add to my engine next. I'll need some sort of list of all the components I still need to make and probably rank them based on what's going to give me the most "wow, that's cool" progress on the game for my coding hour(s).

I'll be back with screenies soon.
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As much as I love the green demon santa avatar, I think Christmas has been over for a while.

Although last year I think I kept mine till April, so it really doesn't matter.

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Agh, sorry to hear about your personal woes. [sad] I'll keep that in memory about the dodgy-looking chicken wraps!

And of course getting some development done is always good. Looking forward to those screenies. [smile]

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Heh, duly noted. And I'm sure you DO like that Christmas avatar considering it's your evil creation! [smile]

Yes, chicken wraps, while delicious, can be deadly..... Or at least REALLY uncomfortable!

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