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Article Ideas

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Jason Z


On Upcoming Articles
The first article that I am going to be working on involves parallax occlusion mapping (POM). My second article published on gamedev.net also was about POM, but since I wrote that article I have made several speed improvements and have a few ideas about how to extend the algorithm somewhat. More details to come on this one.

If anyone has any suggestions on graphics related articles that they would like to read, feel free to comment on them. I feel like I am fairly good at explaining technical topics, and enjoy diving into a particular algorithm. So if anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears!

On New Software Rendering Ideas
I am also working on a new software renderer that is very modularized and flexible. I had originally started this project back in October 2006, but stopped due to a hectic schedule. Recently I have been thinking about it again and will pick it up for a while.

The basic idea is to implement a 'processor' for each section of the existing, well known graphics pipeline. However, the interface between the processors and the memory buffers is kept very abstract. With abstract connections between the processors, new and unusual processors can be added in without really changing very much about the system.

This allows the application programmer to chain together various processors, which effectively extends the pipeline to other types of processing. So instead of having the app generate a procedural mesh, then send it to the regular pipeline, the app can just send in the basic parameters to a pipeline that includes a procedural vertex generator linked to the input of the vertex shader.

The overall design was inspired by the DirectX 10 design document (you can get it by searching here). The addition of the geometry shader really got my brain going about what else could be achieved. There will certainly be more comments on this in the next couple of weeks...
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Recommended Comments

Sounds very cool (about the software renderer). This of course fits in well with multi-core design, since each processor can really have it's own processor :). But I'm sure you've already thought of that.

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Write me an article about 10 things I can do with a Geometry Shader. Either things that can already be done but are now easier/faster with a GS, or things that we couldn't do before.

I believe you're up to the challenge, what do you think? [wink]

As for your software engine - nice idea, could yield some very interesting commentry, especially as D3D10.1 and D3D11 (from the speculation I've seen) is heading towards procedural content...

Look up Ralf's (aka Demirug) work on a multi-core software D3D adapter. Not sure how far he got, but it had promise.


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I believe I like Mr. Hoxley's idea - it sounds like a good learning experience. The thing about the geometry shader is that it should be able to do alot of things better (as Jack mentioned). I'll see how many I can come up with...

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