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Round Ninjas == Profit?

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These little Round soldiers have been quite a menace to program, but I can say now that they are pretty much done. All the major bugs are fixed, and I can now move on to other enemies.

The first bug that I encountered was with the enemies sprite animation. When I first added them to the game, killing them would result in them cycling through all of their sprite animation, and than to other enemies' sprite animations. This would go on for about two seconds, and then the game would crash. This is always what happens when I go out of bounds of a sprite array, and I always know how to fix it. However, I now wish that I had taken a video of it, because killing an enemy looked like the Improbability Drive from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie.

The second bug was that if a soldier who hadn't seen Blocky Man was killed, they would jump after being killed. This was caused by them "seeing" Blocky Man on the same frame that they were killed, causing them to still do their usual alert jump.

Well, tomorrow I'll move on to the Round Ninjas[evil]
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