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Evil Steve


God damn shitting Windows Update. I was getting along quite happily until it came along and installed updates. Now explorer keeps freezing up and it takes about 4 seconds to open some folders. I've tried rolling back my system to yesterday, and that didn't help. There's a bunch of random warnings about ASP.NET in the event viewer - god knows where that came from, because I didn't explicitly install it. And the .NET Configuration manager in Admin settings says that it isn't installed correctly. So, I've just reinstalled .NET 2.0 - that didn't help. I'm now re-downloading all the Windows updates in the hope that this'll magically fix it.

If not, I'll have to reinstall Windows again. And this time, I'll take a ghost image before the updates, and then install each one, one at a time to find out which bastard has done this to my nicely reinstalled Windows...

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