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Since the last entry I've gotten quite a bit done.

- Floor / Ceiling / Wall animations
- Lighting
- Lighting effects
- Triggers
- Sector effects

Well for lighting, only strobe lights have been implemented and for sector effects only elevators. However I consider this a large milestone since this version actually works and displays properly unlike the Doom.Net implementation.

Triggers have three modes of operation in Escalation, walk across, activate(press the Use button), and bump. Bump is the easiest to implement since it just uses the basic collision test already in place and so far it's the only one I've implemented.

Animations are just stored in one big lump and the same system is used for floors/ceilings and walls to make things easier.

BeginAnimation : NUKAGE
Flat : NUKAGE1 : 20
Flat : NUKAGE2 : 20
Flat : NUKAGE3 : 20

Should come in useful for sprites as well.

Elevators come in two flavors, lower and raise. The lower type starts at its maximum level and then lowers to next lowest floor when activated. The raise type starts at minimum level and then raises to the next highest floor when activated. Both of them have a waiting period in between the lowering/raising state. The Hexen format is different from Dooms in that I can set the speed and wait time for the trigger line, rather then a single byte "type" used in Doom.

I tried to make yet another animated gif, but I had to cut it down to just a few frames to be nice to the 56k losers. It's also hard to tell the height of the platforms when right next to them, but it does look much better in-game.

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