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OGL TLM Moves forward...

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Firstly; Frank Turner did indeed rock... I had a very brief chance to meet him post-set (being friends with the guy who runs the place does have it's perks), got a chance to shake his hand and he did a little bow to me, heh, always good for the ego [grin]
Seriously, you should check out his stuff if you get a chance, t'is great [smile]

I had plans todo plenty of work this weekend, however things kinda got in the way, between Frank Turner friday night, a mate wanting to take a walk Saturday and a lass wanting to do something sunday night (went and saw Hot Fuzz in the end, top top film, you need to see this... I wonder if I can convince another lass I know to go with me again this week *shifty look*) my time kinda got squished.

However, I have done some stuff... the first thing was buy a copy of VisualSVN when I got sick of having to check things in via Windows file explorer, in IDE SVN checkin = win!

After that I got down to doing some work;

I've got the TLM class plugged into a main loop now, it only renders a test cube atm but I just wanted to get that in to make sure it worked.

After that I started work on getting the setup stuffs done, which was basically a case of making an FBO, 6 textures and binding them to the FBO, clearing each one, loading the shaders, creating the final render VBO (VB in DX speak) and two for the PBO/R2VB lark.

The shaders stuff required a little poking of my GLSL classes as my shader class didn't allow you to load in a shader, it had to be assigned on construction which isn't how I want to do it this time out. I was considering knocking up a shader framework, however right now I think it might be overkill and a bit too much work, it's a 'when it's working' consideration.

I've also had to set up a couple of vars in order to ping-pong between two source buffers for the simulation driving. Basically I'll be std::swap'ing 2 pairs of vars to change the drawbuffer and source texture for each run thru the simulation. Every other pass has a set group of inputs so those can be hard coded drawbuffers calls.

I still need to make an index buffer for the VBO, but that'll be the work of a few mins (indeed, I'll probably do it post-update).

Of course, destory the resources was also important so I had to make sure all that matched up.

I've just spent the last hour translating the HLSL shaders to GLSL. This wasn't that hard, just time consuming as stuff was moved across, renamed from HLSL types to GLSL types, saved and move on to the next one.

I had hoped to get the system into a state where I could have the sim. running, however the cinema tonight kinda put the seal on that not happening tonight, hopefull tomorrow afternoon I'll get it done.

This is a bit of a blow for one big reason; somewhere in my house is a copy of Supreme Commander.
"Somewhere" being the important word... it turned up thursday morning, I opened it up, checked the DVD was ok, put it back in the box, handed it to my mum and said "don't let me have this before monday"... The idea being I'd get the work done over the weekend and it would be my reward.... as it stands I shant be playing it monday [sad] but assuming I get plenty more done tomorrow I'll let myself drink tomorrow night [grin]

Turns out I'm open to bribes... who knew? [wink]
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Ha ha ha, good one, a Copy of SupCom and you won't play it. Thats almost sacrilege. I myself will be stopping by Best Buy tomorrow to see if they have a copy yet... [flaming]

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