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An Update!

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So, not to long ago, a great buddy of mine helped me get my own domain space. I'm currently building a site that will plop down at this url: www.david-mcgraw.com. I'll be using it for various purposes, but the main reason for it is that I wanted my own domain for a 'online' portfolio space - in the case that employers see the domain on my resume and decide to visit it. Aside from that, I only know HTML and I really would like to start learning some other web technologies.

Since my last update, I bought a systems builder version of Windows Vista Home Premium to install on my desktop computer. I snagged it from newegg for around $110 and the retail price of a full copy is $300. OEM all the way.

But, before I bought that, I bought a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate Signature Edition. That's right, the Signature Edition. If you haven't heard of this yet, it's an edition where A) they are limited and B) it has an embossed signature of Bill Gates (maybe there is a real one under the cardboard, but I'm not screwing with it). I ended up with copy 3,373 of 20,000, and I'm really torn on if I want to use it for my laptop and the family package. I bought it for $260 and it's now going on amazon.com for $340.

So I have Vista installed and I love it. The design is amazing and the functionality of a lot of things are drastically improved. This is also a great OS for the extreme noob that has never touched a computer... For example: My older brother, who wants to learn stuff about the PC, but can't manage to keep the spyware off the sucker. With the whole "Cancel or Allow"
">View Video, we can keep this crap off his PC long enough for him to learn something.

"Your coming to a sad realization, cancel or allow".... "Alllooowww..."

So the game design course is going well. Great concept, great ideas and Torque Game Engine is good enough to make it happen. I ended up purchasing the sucker, so I'll have to see about doing something else with it after this semester is over or use it to complete this semesters project (since we're only required to produce a demo). We've got to get a working demo going by Open House, so I'll have something to show off in journal land.

So, other than all that has been written, I've been playing Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Great MMO and I think I may have found the first employer to whom I'm going to bombard with my resume (when that time comes). If you want to give this game a shot, let me know. I've still got 5 buddy keys to pass out that will allow you 10 free days of play. www.joinvanguard.com.
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