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Evil Steve


Ok, this is getting ridiculous. I let my PC install some more Windows Updates last night, and when I started it up today, it was doing the same weird things. There's a 15 second delay before displaying a folder's contents, for instance.

So, I've had to reinstall Windows again. How wonderful, another 3 houts of my life wasted.

Anyone got any recomendations for Norton Ghost-like software? There's no shitting way I'm touching Windows Update till I have a working ghost image of my C drive.
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lol, don't uptade windows :D !
hmm i have somewhere sitting 'paragon linux' or what is it, it boots from cd and then can create an image of any disc and store it somewhere else.

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Try using one of the Mondo linux boot cds; slap in a firewire drive and it can do a decent ghost job on SATA and ATA alike.

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