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Going to port

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Mike Bossy


So the porting of Tiki Lounge Blackjack to my current engine has begun. Nothing very exciting to report as it's mostly dealing with compiler and linker errors and making things work. There are a tonne of them since the new rev involved ripping all the platform specific code out. Lots of new base classes and such. Fun fun.

The one mildly interesting thing I did was finally use the branch/tag features of SVN. I've been burned enough times by stupid mistakes in the past that I wouldn't dream of starting this porting work without doing some kind of branch to ensure that I could easily get back to a working version. Since I want the new work to be part of my main line and I don't plan on adding anything else to the old code I used an SVN tag. It's my understanding, and I could be wrong since I'm no SVN guru, that a tag is like a branch but it isn't supposed to be edited. There are still ways that you can edit it but it tries to be smart about making sure you mean to change things in that copy. We'll see how that works if I need to in the future. Creating the tag was as simple as a couple of mouse clicks with tortoise. I made sure things would still compile and run in the new location as an extra step.

Once again I need to beat the dead horse and say SVN rocks. If you aren't using source control already, get SVN now. It's free, powerful and just works.
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