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The Adventures of Round Man?

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I started working on the Round Ninjas, but decided I didn't like the idea and scrapped it. I've now decided to use an enemy idea I had awhile ago here.

The new enemy is called "Round Man", and is essentially Blocky Man except...well...round. He can do anything Blocky Man can do, and attacks the same. It's pretty much the equivilent of playing a Super Mario level and Luigi jumps out and starts attacking you. In this case, there will be many "Round Man" enemies throughout the level.

I'm also thinking that Round Man can be a secret character that can be unlocked with a cheat code.

Another idea I had regards the shops I mentioned a couple of journal entries back. Like I said, in each level there will be a shop where you can buy stuff with the Blocky Bucks you've collected. However, I didn't know then how the shops would appear in the levels.

I'm thinking that I will have a Blocky guy sort of hidden in each level. By that, I mean he'll be slightly out of the way of the path through the level. If you've ever played Resident Evil 4, this Blocky guy will be like the creepy merchant guy who sells the player stuff. That's just a basic idea of what the shop will be like.
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