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You decide!

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In totally non-game dev related news, I've gotten a little bored of The Tick and am in the market for a new avatar on the forums. Since I can't really choose one, I'm leaving it up to you, the reader. You can also probably gain some insight into just how juvenile I really am based on some of these choices.

I've got a couple of ideas, and am open to more, so pick your favorite from the following, or make your own:
First up, and probably my personal favorite, the Burger King:

Next we have more BK goodness, this time in touchdown celebration form. I was worried that this was too small to really make out what was happening, but who knows:

Then we have Flea fro the Dani California video:

The only avatar that doesn't make me laugh, but I still think is awesome. Vash the Stampede (of Trigun fame):

And finally, I could just stay with The Tick. Spoon!
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