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Good start to the week

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Monday, Feb 19

Blitz Blox Update

Well I knocked one of my ToDo items off the list tonight, and that was creating an order of precedence for how blocks interact. It used to be that when a block would land on the stack, it would only affect the block its arrow was pointing towards, and not be affected by any blocks around it whose arrow was pointing towards it. Now, if a block is dropping on the stack for the first time, it's allowed to first affect the block it's pointing towards and then the surrounding blocks get to take a shot at it (if their discharge arrows are aimed properly). If a block is already on the stack and is dropping lower because a block below it was destroyed, it will be affected by the surrounding blocks first, and then (if its still alive) get to attack the block its pointing towards. I also had to rework some code to make sure that, in scenarios where a block was being affected by blocks on both sides, only one point was given to the player towards earning a special block, and not two.

Next up is implementing the special blocks. Once that's done I think I can do another gameplay video. w00t

Demo Night V

I'll be in the city (New York City) tomorrow night attending Demo Night V for the first time in 4 years. I was at the original Demo Night (and in fact demoed Galaxy Conquest) but in the years since they've had it on Thursday nights, which wreaks havoc with my work schedule. This year it's a Tuesday night, and that's easier for me to work around. So I'll take lotsa pictures, and probably write up a coverage article on it to post on the site. It's grown to be a pretty big event for the area.
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