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So today,
with the large weight of change on my back, I set forth to update our todo-list, until this point the todo list has really only applied to me and my tasks, but I think now (with the very low output) I should broaden the list and make it availible online, I think doing so, and making sure everyone knows where it is will put more of a face on our tasks, and perhaps paint a better picture of where the end of the rainbow is.

So today will be spent examining every little nook and cranny (mm english muffin, i havent had breakfast yet=/) to find *all* of the tasks that will be required in order to call this game done.

I also spent time rendering out some new graphics for the on-map items, I did have all of these done, but the new changes to the gameplay required that there be more.

Not a very eventful day, but I feel it will pay off.
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